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A Saga of Two Freds

Fred Phelps, the Kansas-based self-proclaimed minister of hate, is planning to picket Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers) Memorial Service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Apparently Fred (Rogers) message of tolerance is upsetting to Fred (Phelps).  Phelps believes that Fred (Rogers) is in Hell with Matthew Shepherd.

Because of Phelps outrageous exploits, we are expecting a large media turnout at the Memorial Service (including CNN).  His message of hate will be met with a positive response, as people from across the U.S. donate money to a local AIDS Service Organization by pledging donations for every minute Fred (Phelps) is at Fred (Rogers') Memorial Service.

Phelps is expected to spend an hour this Saturday, May 3 from 1:30 - 2:30 picketing Mister Rogers Memorial Service.  Do not let the memory of this gentle man be blasphemed by Fred Phelps.

I'm pledging $1 to Shepherd Wellness Community, a Pittsburgh AIDS Service Organization, for every minute Phelps is picketing the Memorial Service.  Phelps causes enough trouble.  I'm not going to let him play havoc with my budget, so I'm capping my pledge at 60 minutes.

PLEASE JOIN ME.  Let's make sure that the message CNN sends out this weekend is that civilized people responded to Phelps message of hate by turning it into a positive message of tolerance and support that would make Fred Rogers' proud.  Let's let Fred (Phelps) help us raise money for our community.  With your help we can turn a potential travesty into an unexpected windfall for Shepherd Wellness Community.

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